San Francisco '05

(Mavs/Nash trip #2)
Day 1

Today was my first real day in San Francisco. It started with a tour of Muir woods located across the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s still hard for me to imagine the vastness of the ocean. I admire the hills and the green color of everything when we are in the middle of February. It’s lovely here. The houses are unique as the people on the street, and downtown in vibrant. A boy name Steve – I haven’t seen my Canadian basketball boyfriend play in person since last May, and it will probably be the last time this year since it bothers me so that he’s left Dallas. Phoenix beat Golden State by 2 points in overtime. It was so boring in the 1st half that the woman sitting by me kept falling asleep, and I really couldn’t blame her. However, the Suns are a lot like the Mavericks’ little step-brother, and the large margin game soon featured the Suns at several points down by five. (During these moments, the woman next to me would wake up and cheer like she was watching the entire time.) I miss the way he makes my team better, the way he runs the break and his two-sided hair tuck. It was great seeing him. See you next year, Nash. Have a great summer.

Day 2

I’m exhausted. I retuned to my room heavily breathing with my heart pounding. Not from a heart attack, but from climbing a hill back to my hotel. I’m one of those people who doesn’t rest until I reach my destination, and if my hotel was any further, I probably would have passed out on the street. Good grief.

You can tell it’s not the weekend anymore. The business class is swarming around the hotel. I wish I had more time to study the people. I saw the coolest Asian girl walking to her art class. She had on these cool scrunchy boots with a skirt. Her highlighted hair was in a ponytail and her bangs stood perfectly in the misty air as she strolled down the street. I want her fashion secrets.

Day 3

One of the great things about traveling by yourself is that you’re not really alone. There’s always things that remind you of your friends like how John would enjoy the different activities during a Warriors game, what Meredith would say to me as the cute guy in a blue track jacket rode by on his bicycle and how Joanna would be so happy that I’m exploring something new. This morning I had a tour of the city. Its such a mixed community here. I wonder how the people really get a long.

Day 4

There are Germans everywhere. I’ve heard so many different accents and different languages over the past couple of days. Last night at the Mavs game, someone was wearing a Dirk jersey from Germany. I was shocked to see so many Mavs fans. It was another too close for comfort game, but my team came through. I really enjoy road games because it’s a different dynamic. You get to see other fan reactions and how your team handles situations when there’s not a crowd cheering them on. The Warriors aren’t the greatest team, but they play hard and the people here appreciate their effort. (That sentence now in 08 is almost funny – almost.) It’s been a fantastic trip, but I’m ready to come home and plan my next vacation.

On iPod:
- Led Zeppelin
- Ella Fitzgerald
- German Audiobooks for class
- Franz Ferdinand
- U2
- Marvin Gaye

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