Not So Summery Vacation

Once upon a summer there was a girl who wanted to travel all over the world. She wanted to go to Berlin or Paris or Napal, but the only place she went was to the hospital. For some thing inside her wasn’t doing her much good, so she needed to get that something bad removed. 

She tried, like most do, to wish away the hurt, but things didn’t get better that way. So she decided to go see an expert to make the pain go away.

The first doctor that she went to was a complete waste. He had scheduled the surgery to happen in the wrong place. It’s important that doctors get their facts right before it’s time for you to go up under the knife because you don’t want to wake up and have an arm where your knee is supposed to be or discover that your eyeballs are now upon your feet.

(Remember: A good doctor should listen, a good doctor should be kind. However, even the nicest of doctors will give you a shot in the behind.)

The second doctor she went to turned out to be great. She made the girl feel comfortable and listened to where it ached. And came the day of her surgery, she was less afraid because she now had a doctor that made her feel safe.

They gave her some medicine to help her sleep, which knocked her out before she could count to one, two …Then the next thing she knew her eyes slowly opened and the great doctor had already fixed the parts that were broken.

The girl received orders to get plenty of rest so she spent days in her pjs lying in bed. Everyone thought it sounded like such a good time, but all the girl wanted to do was go play outside. She wanted to dance, but she had to lie down. She wanted to play tennis, but she couldn’t move around. So she settled for sitting on the sofa and eating ice cream while watching other people do fun stuff on the TV.

At times the girl couldn’t help feeling bored. Although, she did get out of doing her chores. Her parents made sure she took care of herself (no scratchin itchin stitches). A couple of weeks later, she was given a clean bill of health. The girl couldn't believe how much better she felt inside. So happy she was to go back to her regular life.

And come the next summer she was just like all the other girls who spent their days traveling all over the world.