Chicago: Art Imitating Life

Mavs Trip #10 continued
April 21-23

Here I am in Chicago, Illinois continuing the journey of places that I have once lived, but can't remember. Normally during my trips, I listen to music that I feel represents how I think the city feels or how I feel, but all I want to do is watch TV shows and movies filmed in Chicago. There's one in particular - The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. It contains so many Michelle elements: great architecture, a man who could build a house, time-travel/Quantum Entanglement, Jane Austen's book "Persuasion," a scene from the film Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman and an awesome Nick Drake song. I'm strangely mesmerized by that film like I am this city. I think if I'd grown up here I wouldn't be much different from the person I am today. Chicago is an urban wonderland located near the water filled with lots of parks and art. There are things to see everywhere. So like Alex in The Lake House, let me show you the city except I'll do it through pictures.

Exhibit A: Chicago from looking up. 1. The skyline taken while descending into O'hare. 2. The lakefront view from the apartment I am renting 2. The city view from the apartment I'm renting 3. A closer look at the beautiful building detailing.

Exhibit B: Chicago from looking down 1. - 4. On my way to Millennium Park via Michigan avenue. The tops of the buildings are so ornate. What is it like to construct something so high in sky? Do the people who have worked on these beauties feel an enormous sense of accomplishment?

Exhibit C: Chicago from looking at the ground. When I see all the different types of building structures around the city, all I can think of is Cameron Diaz asking "is this art deco or art noveau" in There's Something About Mary. I have no clue, but they are art unique and art spectacular.

Exhibit D: Chicago from looking all around 1. Is this a sculpture of a mom and dad playing basketball with their kid? I say it is. After all art is subjective, right? So "Family Playing B-ball" it is. 2. Record store mural by Navy Pier. 3.-5. "The Bean" in Millennium Park 6. I never knew how smart Marilyn Monroe was until I read a couple articles on her. Sometimes things aren't what the seem.



Exhibit D: Chicago from looking out. Lake Michigan, you deceptively look like the ocean. A walk by the lake/fake ocean was of course on the list of things to do. The wind, oh my gosh, definitely "whips your hair back and forth, whips your hair back and forth."

There was a risk and a reward associated with choosing to go to a NBA game during the last week of regular season. However, when the schedule gives you Chicago in late April (an event that will most likely never happen again), you can't pass up that opportunity. The reward is a great time of the year to visit Chicago (it actually is still cold 50s-30s, but the sun is out), and the risk of the Mavs resting players for the playoffs. Dirk played to my relief. But after an 8 point first quarter by the Mavericks, I wasn't sure if this was such a good idea. The Mavs did show some urgency and made the game interesting. For that, I am grateful.

Oh, yeah, the Mavs won the championship last year! What an amazing run it was. Every fan has a different reaction when it comes to winning it all. For me, I was very happy for the Mavs, but strangely inside I felt unsatisfied. I've spent years watching, hoping and seeing someone else's ultimate dream come true. It's my time to make something happen.

Now the playoffs are back around. I have to stock up on my acid reflux medicine and start turning down the TV sound during games again (I am much more at peace watching a game when I don't have to listen to national announcers). Chicago is looking like a contender. I say that because they've won games without Derrick Rose this year. Last year, it seemed like Rose was 75% of their offense. That's way too much. Especially, when teams start double teaming. There was a play during the game when the crowd urged Rose to shoot, but he saw a mismatch with Loul Deng and a smaller Mavs defender. He recognized that and gave him a ball. No matter how good of a shooter you are, that is what good point guards do. It's the little things that make you a champion.

Sunrise v. Sunset We begin and end much in the same way. It's the stuff in between where the difference is made. It's the hopes. It's the dreams. It's the mysterious schemes. It's the journey we must make. It's the path we're scared to take. It's the sign, the opportunity or note we receive when we have given up hope. It's the obstacles, the pain, the heartbreak when we feel we've lost everything at stake. The stuff in between matters much more than we know. All the events that happen when the sun goes to and fro. - MM

I definitely feel like I could have used an extra couple of days to explore all of the city. It would be nice to see it in the summer time. Chicago, you have made an impression on me. I'm very happy to come from the future to see my past home.

P.S. Ladies, I was amazed by the men in the streets of Chicago. So good looking, and they know how to dress. It was a paradise of men in layered clothing (coats, leather jackets, hats, glasses and one in a bow tie). My theory is that they don't have a car payment, so they can afford to spend money on other luxuries. Well spent gentlemen. More men in Dallas should bicycle or take the DART.

Chicago Playlist on Spotify
I Just Want To Celebrate - Rare Earth
We're A Winner - The Impressions
Otis - Jay Z and Kayne West
Shame - Jill Scott with Eve
The Light - Common
Chicago - Clueso with Stuba Philharmonic
Mitnehm - Clueso with Stuba Philharmonic
Muzzle - Smashing Pumpkins
Boy or Girl - Burning Hotels
Ladyfingers (Americruiser remix)  - Luscious Jackson
I Don't Care - The Donnas
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Molotov - Seeed
Roxie - Renee Zellweger from Chicago
Luck Be A Lady Tonight - Frank Sinatra
Living For The Weekend - Hard-Fi
I Wanna Be Your Lover - Corinne Bailey Rae
Countdown - Beyonce
Around the World - Daft Punk
Dress You Up - Madonna