Rosemary Beach for the Girls

May 2011

Short and sweet is how this will be. Partly because I like beach trips to be more about the pictures and partly because it's more fun to treat girls' trips like a mysterious adventure. The top question that I've been asked is where is Rosemary Beach? It's in the panhandle part of Florida near Destin. 

The following pictures were taken during my morning run on the beach. Oh, you like to run, you're thinking. "On the beach" is the key part of the sentence. I only run barefoot on the beach. If you saw my footprint in the sand, you would notice my high arches that are not suitable for concrete. However, if you think I'm putting a picture of my Big Foot imprint on the Internet, you crazy. 


Bottle leftover from a beach wedding.

These glass houses on Alys beach were my stopping point on my run which included listening to    Corrine Bailey Rae.

 The weather was perfect, and the beach wasn't crowded - 
excellent conditions.

My dream house - somehow containing the style elements of Modern, Spanish/Moroccan and Bohemian. In the back, I would put a glass garage door in the living room that opened up into the backyard, so you could smell the rosemary or listen to the sounds of the waves 
if it was close to the ocean.

Oddly enough, I was kind of scared to go through this tunnel of flowers. 1. Because I fear flying, stinging things. 2. Pollen. But I made it through without freaking out.

All in all, a great trip with great people. Just don't tell Amber that this picture is on the Internet. I would like to do another trip like this again.

Rosemary Beach playlist
Independent Women Part 1- Destiny's Child
Vegas - Sarah Bareilles
Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
Ain't Waiting - Talib Kweli
When the Sun Don't Shine - Best Coast
Amigos - Juanes
Island in the Sun - Weezer
40 Day Dream - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Solitude is Bliss - Tame Impala
Loveboat - Kylie Minogue