Daytona Beach Aug 10

August 6th-9th - Family Reunion

Went to Daytona Beach for a family reunion on my mom's side of the family. Daytona is really a small beach town. Not sure what tourists would do here in the summertime besides go to the beach. But for a lot of people, including me, the beach is enough. Family trips are always a chance to learn things you didn't know before like my mom is a fan of Usher and my dad and I like the same kind of police/spy television shows. However, he thinks "Psych" is way too silly.

                                                                 She & Him  =    M

It's nice to see so much family. My mom is from 13 brothers and sisters. I'm an only child. I always find the dynamic of sisters interesting. The women in my mom's family are all strong, and while they are similar they have characteristics that make them all unique. They always make me laugh and smile. I learned that my Uncle Herbert used to drive race cars. Aunt Lisa is trying to fix me up with a Harlem Globetrotter. Uncle Alfred can do the electric slide with the best of them. Aunt Juanita is still as outgoing as ever, and my Aunt Susie who is 80 something-years-old is ready for basketball season to begin. She's been a Heat fan, likes Kobe (my mom and I shake our heads about this) and is a big Steve Nash fan (which I had nothing to do with).

At one point a Soul Train line broke out during the reunion. I've been telling my mom for 10 years that I know how to dance. Later that evening she said, "Chelle, you looked good going down the line." Finally, some vindication.

It was an incredibly fun and relaxing family vacation. I don't think many people can say that.





I went parasailing. It feels like a giant swing hanging in the sky. I asked my dad to take photos of me from the boat. As you can see below, there are 4 photos. Two I wasn't even in, one where my head is as big as a dot and the other with me safely on the boat. He then proclaimed that he only excels in still life photography. (I was sure to give him a hard time about this.) So far I accomplished the following on my "Things to do in the air" list: sky diving, flying a plane, riding in a cable car (above the Swiss Alps) and now parasailing. Still left to do: hang gliding, hot air balloon ride, sea plane ride, helicopter ride, riding in a plane that does tricks and going across a hanging bridge.

US Open trip is postponed for now. On to: Something old, something new

Summer Playlist So Hot You'll Wish It Was Fall
Too Much - Kylie Minogue
Everything You Wanted (RAC remix) - Kele
4th of July (Calvin Harris remix) - Kelis
Everybody Dance - Chic
Clap Your Hands (Prince Vince remix) - Sia
One Touch - LCD Soundsystem
Hot-N-Fun (Boys Noize remix) - NERD
Hello, Good Morning (remix) - Diddy
Dear God 2.0 - The Roots
Sun Is Shining (Funkstar deluxe remix) - Bob Marley
Let's Go Surfing (Raveonettes remix) - The Drums
The Sea - Morcheeba