Boston '03

(Mavs/Nash Trip #1)
This was the first city I traveled to by myself. I always wanted to travel, but I was a dreamer and never went anywhere. I found out that Dave Matthews was doing a solo tour on the east coast; and I said to myself if the Dallas Mavericks have a game in the same city around the same dates, then that’s where I would go. That city turned out to be Boston.

Boston is a perfect city for beginners. It easy to get around, you can take the rail to/from the airport and the Celtics’ fans were actually some of the nicest fans I have come across. I didn’t keep a travel journal at the time, but I do have some artsy fartsy notes that I will share.

Traveling by yourself for the first time isn’t easy, so I’m glad that I choose Boston for my first trip. If I hadn’t enjoyed it, things might have been different.

Arsty-fartsy notes:

How can two things be so different? So urban, yet easy to manipulate. Open and free with a winter breeze blowing threw my hair and water rushing over me (rail system runs underwater). Radcliffe Rugby lives here. Small pathways, watch your step, look the other way, sit and stand with the masses who do this everyday while everything seems so new. Brick, where I’m from, is portrayed as cold and unfeeling, but here it’s warm, it’s inviting and it’s home. Old school alternative lives here. No wonder Meredith loves it. Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government? Songs that go unsung are opened out of their magic boxes. Why can’t it be this way all the time?

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