Portland '06

(Mavs/Nash Trip #3)
Day 1
It’s 1am in Dallas, and I’m still awake. The first thing I notice here is how blossoms have started to grow on the trees, and it’s winter and 30-something degrees outside. My hotel is across from the waterfront and near a TriMet rail stop, so it’s perfect for me. The Mavs won tonight. I saw two black women on the rail with Dirk shirts on – so that made three of us. When I left the arena, it was snowing. Apparently, there’s more on the horizon.

Day 2
I haven’t seen any Hummers on the road, on the news a city worker promised everyone that their recycling will be pick up today after yesterday’s snow and the only thing people are asking you for on the downtown streets is to sign a petition. At one time tiny ice pellets were raining down from the sky and by the time I was back at my hotel the sun was out.

Day 3
Okay, I saw two Hummers, but they probably need them here. The public transportation system here is great. If you stay in the downtown area or go to the Rose Garden arena, it’s free. I spent $4 on a day pass to go up to the Japanese Garden. You can see downtown Portland from there amidst all the trees. After that I took a bus downtown, to check out Powell’s bookstore – on of the largest bookstores ever. I won’t bore you with my Steve Nash notes. However, he did play and Phoenix lost. As one newscaster put it, it was the biggest win for Porland all season.

On iPod:
- "When The Sun Comes Down" (Arctic Monkeys)
- "Skeleton" (Bloc Party)
- "Yo, Excuse Me" (Chris Brown)
- "Munich" (Editors)
- "Ooh La La" (Goldfrapp)
- "Upside Down" (Jack Johnson)
- "I Want You To Stay" (Maximo Park)
- "Beast of Burden" (Rolling Stones)
- "World Wide Suicide" (Pearl Jam)
- "Green Eyes" (Erykah Badu)
- "Michelle" (Ben Harper)
- "This Modern Love" (Bloc Party)
- "Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On" (Franz Ferdinand)

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