Austin: Best In State

August 2011

We are in Austin for a day trip to celebrate, my friend, Amber's birthday. She surprised "us" (Susan, Lynette and myself) with an escape out of town for "her" b-day. How thoughtful! Along with us is her older brother, Matthew. I haven't been to Austin since college when I went to an extreme sporting event at Zilker Park back in the day where my one regret was not getting the autograph of Bob Burnquist, who would later turn into my favorite skateboarder. I also saw Shawn White skate. He must have been 7-years-old. My how time flies. Austin is an unrequited city for me. I feel like I should have gone to school here, but I didn't. It's got fish taco trucks, cupcakes in airstreams, vinyl record stores, vintage shops, music venues where the goodest of the good bands play, hills, lakes and environmentalists. What it doesn't have is a NBA basketball team or the ocean. If it did, I'd load up my Prius, throw my Feed bag in the back and step on the pedal with my foot inside a Tom's shoe.

Our first stop is the Hula Hut, a restaurant on Lake Austin. Very reasonably priced with a causal atmosphere and all sorts of tacos on the menu. On the walls are "Keep Austin Weird" shirts for sale. The majority of Austin's residents have no problem with that statement except for government types like Rick Perry. It seems comical that this is the city that houses the man who wants to "Keep America Generic." And can someone tell me how requiring health insurance is unconstitutional when every state requires car insurance? Cars or people? What would you choose to save?


Back to neutrality.  Our next stop is the Longhorn Caverns. I have never been inside a cave before. I used to fancy myself as a girl willing to go on an adventure with Indiana Jones on some artifact recovering mission. However, I know now that if it's involving a dark cave with who knows what crawling/flying about, then I'll be waiting for you outside, Indy. Not that I didn't enjoy it. I did quite a lot. I just think I'll stick to things in the air as my adventures. In the air, there's an infinite amount of room for tall people.

Back in the car, to head to the food airstreams on Congress St., where we stop to have a sugary treat at Hey Cupcake before dinner. As Ryan Gosling says, "Being an adult is great because you can eat candy anytime you want." It's all about moderation. And I'll gladly partake in a cupcake now, and make room for good food later. We drive by Congress Bridge where people are already lining up to see the bats fly out from underneath in the evening. The thought of this makes me slightly nervous, yet interested at the same time.

Dinner is at Lambert's. Our meals are very enjoyable. A band called the Katie Holmes Trio is playing. I'm sure there is no relation or idolization going on there. The singer has a really great voice, and she plays the fiddle. You don't see that a lot. I would have bought a CD if one was available. Her songs are what rainy days or shopping montages in romantic comedies are made for. Katie Holmes, you should definitely work that fiddle/swing jazz angle. It's your calling. And don't forget to paint something on the wall that Pacey paid for with his hard-earned money. (Sorry I had to go there.)

I'm thinking I will be at home for at least a little while after last week's trip to New Orleans and this weekend's venture. Hopefully, I will run into Austin again on the road. Keep on keepin' on. I won't say goodbye, just see you later.

Thanks, Amber! Also, if you need a good, free photo editor. I use, which let me trick up my black and white photos.

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redtilestudio said...

Michelle! I just now saw this post. Glad you had a great time and my favorite photo is of our tour guide!